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the answer to all your FEC filing questions!

I'm facing another FEC filing deadline and still struggling to get our software to produce a correct report -- can you help?

Stop the frustration and stop wasting your time on software that doesn't meet your needs or fails you at critical times. Political Compliance Services produces and files all your reports.

I can't get support from software vendors and am forced to add up itemized expenses and disbursements by hand and then enter the figures manually into your report -- what do I do?

We are a full-service practice experienced in all facets of federal, state and local compliance requirements. We will work side-by-side with you...or do the work for you to make sure your reports are filed correctly and on time, every time.

We lack the training or the personnel to ensure that your filing is correct -- how can you help us?

Our consultants and analysts are career experts in campaign and PAC accounting, finance, administration and compliance.

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